Elevate Your Resume Beyond An A.T.S or A.I.

Elevate Your Resume Beyond An A.T.S or A.I.

The market is flooded with A.I. tools in every space you can think of. Recruitment field is no different. We have a range of A.I. tools that help you to create your resume (ATS friendly one), write a cover letter, prep for your interview and even negotiate on salary expectations.

Not to undermine the power of A.I. tools but there is a personalized need to be authentic and different amidst all these tools being used. You must show your authentic personality in an ATS friendly, keyword crowded resume.

Imagine a scenario where everyone is using these A.I. tools to create their resumes, making it ATS friendly. How does one differentiate from the other? Point is relying on artificially generated resumes alone can miss the mark compared to the impact of a personalized approach.

Let’s explore some key factors you might want to consider to elevate your resume beyond A.I. or an ATS.

  1. Human Connection and Authenticity:

In this digital age where automation and algorithms are breaking old molds, the human touch remains indispensable. Recruiters may have to invest more time to know which resume can really cut it, when resume is solely an A.I. generated one. A resume infused with personal anecdotes showcases the authenticity of your journey, giving potential employers a glimpse into the real person behind the qualifications. An added feature of authentication to a resume is an attached video of yourself, explaining about your professional depth.

Human Connection and Authenticity
  1. Share Your Unique Narrative:

Every professional journey is unique like a fingerprint. So, this narrative that is entirely your own must be made visible and evident. Personalizing your resume grants you the opportunity to unveil the chapters that have shaped your career choices and aspirations. This narrative adds depth to your qualifications, making you more than just a list of skills. You are a person, who has been evolving over the years, professionally. Bring that element out!

your unique narrative
  1. Relevance to the Role:

A resume tailored to a specific job role demonstrates your expertise. By including personalized anecdotes and examples that directly align with the job requirements, you show potential employers that you understand the role and possess the necessary skills. Unfortunately, many people are complacent with an A.I. generated resume by using a job description, artificially stuffing it with random job keywords. Seasoned recruiters can see through fluff easily and let your resume not be that fluff.

Relevance to the role
  1. Contextual Nuances:

An artificially generated resume might lack the context that defines the significance of your achievements. It is important you paint a canvas that is contextual to your work experiences. Bring out the circumstances, challenges, and outcomes of your endeavors, helping employers grasp the true depth of your contributions. Highlight the relevance of your skills to solve a possible work scenario, that your employer could benefit from.

  1. Illuminating Soft Skills:

While technical skills are crucial, soft skills are the differentiators today. Communication, adaptability, and leadership are vital and can never get outdated. Share crisp instances where you’ve demonstrated these skills offering a peek or a demonstration of your abilities that go beyond mere airy text. As mentioned in point no.1, make use of a video as well to showcase your soft skills bringing out your profile personality.

contextual nuances
  1. Leaving a Lasting Impression:

On a day-to-day basis, recruiters and hiring managers sift through a multitude of resumes and cover letters. A personalized and well-branded resume that weaves in work and personal elements stands out from the crowd. Such a resume is not easily forgotten, increasing the likelihood of being remembered during the selection process. Despite checking numerous resumes, recruiters do pursue profiles that created an impact.


  1. Showcase Problem-Solving Competence:

Employers prefer to hire problem solvers. And if your role or skill does involve problem-solving as a prerequisite to have, don’t miss out on the opportunity to highlight that in your profile.  Experiencing roadblocks at work is a common phenomenon. Scan and recall challenges you’ve faced at work and highlight how you overcame them through personal stories exemplifying your problem-solving capabilities and resilience. This storytelling approach enables potential employers to see you as someone who doesn’t shy away from difficulties but tackles them head-on. For example, if you have gone that extra-mile, in somebody else’s shoes though it was not an expectation from you, mention it. It shows how committed you are to mitigate risks or problems.

problem solving competence
  1. Cultural Fit and Values Alignment:

Companies seek candidates who align with their values and culture. If your profile or past work experience reflects similar values and cultures, highlight the same. Research the role and organization you want to get hired for. Find ways to bring out strong aspects of your profile that sync up with the role, values, and culture. Sharing projects (at a high level) that reflect your values and experiences can give hiring managers insights into your potential fit within their organization, adding an extra layer of relevance to your application.


  1. Providing Tangible Proof of Achievements:

While an artificially generated resume might list achievements, mention as much detail as possible and allowed (keeping in mind the privacy and confidentiality aspects) which support your accomplishments. These aspects can substantiate your claimed wins, transforming them from mere statements into concrete evidence. Lay out hints that subject matter recruiting experts can easily identify.

tangible proof of achievements
  1. Igniting Engaging Conversations:

Leave conversation starters on your resume. Sounds different but this is what can make an impact. Mention enough for recruiters to know and little to leave recruiters wanting to know more. During interviews, personalized details serve as engaging conversation starters. Interviewers often ask about the experiences you’ve shared on your resume, allowing you to delve deeper and elaborate on your skill, expertise, and commitment.

conversation starters on resume

                  While A.I. tools can certainly aid in formatting and initial structuring, the content and essence of your resume should be uniquely yours. Resumes should not be pro “Application tracking systems” (ATS) alone. It is important to take a few steps further to personalize and differentiate your resume with anecdotes, examples, and details to set you apart. Share a glimpse into your journey, potential, and aspirations – elements that can profoundly influence your career trajectory.

Skip the monotony and crowd of ATS friendly resumes. Elevate your resume to a refreshingly different level to bring your authentic personality out. Remember, you’re not just trying to pass an automated filter; you’re striving to make an impact on decision-makers who are looking for the right fit for their team. Balancing ATS optimization with personality allows you to create a document that appeals to both technology and human emotion.

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