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We reimagine talent.

Who we are?

The Progressive Hiring Co. is an exclusive platform for immediately available profiles having career breaks. We enable them to connect with the right employer or client. A career break could be due to a layoff, a pursuit of academics, childcare, or any other personal priority. But that need not ‘break’ the career itself!

Our Mission?

To get past the reasons for a career break and focus more on the potential, skills, and expertise that matters.

Why Us?

What’s in it for you and how you benefit

This is a bootstrapped, non-funded dynamic platform built with the sincere intention of enabling candidates to find jobs by connecting with progressive employers.

For Employers/ Recruiters

  • Find immediately available profiles
  • Browse unlimited resumes (introductory offer. Valid until Dec-2023)
  • No character count in JDs
  • Avail a minimum of 2 months free trial
  • Boost your employer branding
  • Chat or schedule meetings with candidates
  • Decide how candidates should apply
  • We deliver Customized Hiring Packages.
For employer or recruiters , the progressive hiring co.
for candidates in progressive hiring

For Candidates

  • Find progressive employers/clients
  • Showcase your skills and profile for free 
  • Create a video introduction and explain your expertise
  • Explore more work options here
  • Create your own personal brand
  • Avail job buddy services
  • Enjoy the platform’s exclusivity for profiles with career breaks

How It Works?

As a candidate, set your profile up on the platform to 100% and get noticed.

How Else Can We Help?

Explore Our Job Buddy Services!

(To be launched shortly)

For a Candidate, it may be a job or a side hustle. A full-time role or a freelance project. Work can be in different forms. Get help from our team of experts.

With more than 15 years of a cumulative experience in HR and in digital branding, our experts can help brand your profile and make it stand out. Get ready to take on work!

Know more about how you can benefit from our exclusive Job Buddy services and create your own personal brand! And take this survey to let us know your take on them. Click below.

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