Arvind Kumar Tiwari

Sr. Project Leader | iOS | React-Native | Android

About Candidate

Ambitious, passionate, and pragmatic software engineer with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. I have been immersed in the iOS ecosystem since mid 2012 and have contributed to over one dozen apps on the App Store. I find working in the field of software engineering to be exhilarating because there’s always more to learn. As a result, a large chunk of my time is dedicated to learning and experimenting with new technologies. My professional aspiration is to work on software which is used by millions of people every day.

• Continuous Integration.
• Tools: GIT, SVN.
• Rich awareness of and strict practitioner of Cocoa/iPhone coding conventions and style.
• Complete comprehension of memory management in Cocoa.
• High-end app optimization using Instruments like Time Profiler, Leaks & Allocations.
• Object Oriented Design Patterns and how to apply them to Objective-C.
• Resource planning, Code reviews, process improvements, leadership skills etc.
• Architecture and development implementation using Swift and Objective-C using engineering best
practices including unit tests and performance monitoring through instruments
• Implemented different mobile application architectures including MVC, MVVM, VIPER, Component
Driven Development etc.
• Experience in NFC, QR Code, Live Video Streaming, In-App Purchase, Core Data, SQLite, MapKit, Core
Location, Digital signature, Widgets, Interactive Notification, Adaptive Layout, Multi Languages,
iMessage, HealthKit, WebKit, App Extension etc.