Arumugam Marimuthu

Production Engineer

About Candidate

An achievement-oriented professional offering over 10 years’ experience in Manufacturing
Operations, Handling 25+ members, Participate G8D Projects and Small projects, Production Control
& Bottleneck De-Bugging in Automotive Industry


Proficiency in coordinating production workflow for one or multiple products, planning and
prioritizing operations to ensure maximum performance and minimum delay and determining
manpower, equipment and raw materials needed to cover production demand


In-depth knowledge of implementing manufacturing techniques, QA & lean concepts like FMEA,
KAIZEN, TPM, POKA-YOKA, 7 QC, 5S, Safety Health Assessment and Preview Process.

Possess excellent organizational and problem-solving skills with strong communication to
optimize production proficiency without any hiccups along the way



B.Sc., Mathematics 2017-2020
Madras University
Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2008-2010
AGP College

Work & Experience

Production Associate 17.05.2010 - 30.08.2022
Ford India Private Limited

1. Standardized work and kept the line running safely and smoothly and produced quality parts by monitoring Safety, Quality and Delivery objectives 2. Completed daily standardized work observation & tracked compliance with OIS and any nonconfirmation 3. Adhered to the Quality Operating System and utilized provided tools to improve product and process quality 4. Continuously monitor and evaluate existing production processes to identify areas for improvement and implement changes to enhance overall efficiency 5. Proactively identify production issues and deviations, and work with maintenance and technical teams to troubleshoot and resolve equipment malfunctions or process problems. 6. Implement corrective actions to prevent the reoccurrence of production failures and ensure continuous improvement. 7. Conduct regular analysis of production data, including cycle times, scrap rates, and equipment performance, to identify trends and areas for improvement. 8. Develop action plans based on data analysis to address production challenges and enhance performance. 9. Observed work area adherence as per 5S standards of workplace organization and maintained workstation free of debris and contamination 10. Scrutinized work areas’ adherence to Environment Operating System requirements including complying with Environmental regulations and conversing natural resources (energy, water, materials) 11. Promoted and supported continuous improvement activities in the team by adhering to Time and Data Management 12. Studied all operations within the area of responsibility and maintained all versatility training records within the team to verify each job has the appropriate number of trained operators 13. Ensured all processes are running on target as defined by the Process Control Plan


Lean Manufacturing
Production Control
Quality control IATF16949


Outstanding Performance for B515 FNA Launch 2019